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Recruitment Target
Partners who love blockchain and willing to work hard, support Bibox and grow together
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Strong Alliance
Cooperate with the world's safest professional platform
Special benefits
100% win in BTC airdrop event monthly
Joining prize
USDT coupons for joining
Super high rebate
Industry's top rebate ratio
Exclusive honor
Exclusive medal of honor to improve your resume
Transparent background
Report-level CRM verifies promotion effect
Fixed bonus
Monthly stable USDT salary
VIP Rights
Enjoy VIP+1 level rights
Volunteer Duties
  • 1. Assist in building communities and organizing activities
  • 2. Question answering and guidance for new users
  • 3. Introduction and connection of market development resources
  • 4. Anything that helps the development of the platform
Cooperation Advantages
  • 1. Hold an industry-recognized financial license
  • 2. Safe operation 30,000+ hours
  • 3. Business covers 100 countries and regions
  • 4. Strategic cooperation with the world's top institutions
  • 5. Trading ranks first in the world
  • 6. More than 20,000 volunteers worldwide
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